September 2022
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Wholesale Containers

Wholesale Containers: Let us bring a shipment in for you and save money

If you are interested in purchasing a container load of trucks at wholesale prices, we can supply as many units as you need. Substantial savings are available if you have a location to receive the shipment. A standard loading dock 52″ tall, is required so the trucks can be off-loaded. Since we at Texoma Minitrucks also sell directly to the public, you can rest assured you will recieve the same high quality trucks that we stock. We require a down payment of 80% of the order upon placement and the balance upon verification the vessel has sailed. Your delivery will generally be made within 5 to 6 weeks after order placement.




Our Mobile Number is available for immediate help: 214.726.5588

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Texoma Mini Trucks has recently prepared this Suzuki mini truck for the crew and staff of Arctic Cat Outdoors TV and Ranch and Resort TV. This mini truck has been customized to fit the needs of the staff and will be used in upcoming episodes of their popular shows. The truck was outfitted with scratch resistant exterior coating, camouflage paint, lift kit, Super Grip polished aluminum wheels and 23 inch Grim Reaper tires. Also, front and rear bumpers were fabricated with a brush guard on the front and receivers on both front and rear. As a final complement, the truck was setup with a 1500 pound winch to ensure the crew gets in, and out of anywhere they choose to go! Arctic Cat Outdoors is a big game hunting show that has been on National Television since 1998.

DISH Network Channel 240

DirecTV Channel 608

Mon@11:30am  Thur@10:30pm   Sunday@4:00pm, eastern time

Please check out our show at



Ranch & Resort TV is a Reality show about all kinds of Property since 2002.

CABLE & OVER THE AIR to over 15 million homes(TV Guide Attached) .


DirecTV Channel 321: Monday’s @ 5:30 pm est